NOW, anyone can learn the basics of solving the cause and solution to plastic product defects. 


This seminar has been created to provide a common sense approach for troubleshooting the thermoplastic injection molding process.


The standard method of consulting 8-1/2 by 11" troubleshooting guides (as prepared by the material suppliers for specific materials) does not help enough to determine the cause of a defect in any specific thermoplastic material.


This seminar was created in a manner that will provide a basic understanding of what causes defects and the most effective ways of finding solutions to them. The purpose of this approach is to give you ideas to consider when you need to troubleshoot. You will understand the relationships between machine, mold, material, and operator. Then, you will be able to work your way through a problem situation using a systematic method, usually without the need to consult a guide of any sort. In fact, you will learn the troubleshooting process to the degree that you will never have to read a  book again. It is designed with the novice, as well as the expert, in mind.


Anyone involved with injection molding will find this seminar an asset, including supervisors, sales personnel, managers, technicians, operators, moldmakers, material suppliers, engineers, quality personnel, and anyone else interested in the subject of injection molding thermoplastic materials.

This seminar includes a series of discussions on various topics, which are followed by a separate chapter assigned to each of the most common defects found in the injection molding industry. The causes and remedies for each defect are listed in order of probability and are classified by Machine, Mold, Material, and Operator. You may notice that the same remedy will be used to solve a variety of defects. This is to be expected after you understand the interactions of the processing parameters and their many variables.

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Troubleshooting for Injection Molders - Online

Troubleshooting a molding machine
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Finally, an inexpensive online seminar to learn how to identify and correct Injection Molding Defects Online!



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This seminar also includes an optional Final Test that can be used to gauge the students understanding of the information presented, and an optional, extra cost, Certificate of Completion for those who score 72 or above, if that is desired.


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